Heather Stone

I'm a recent newcomer to WESCA - easing myself back in these last three years, to continue my journey as an artist, after home-educating my son for 16 years. I am enjoying exploring all the possibilities that I have absorbed during that time - I have been shaped and honed myself through this rich experience.

For now, I have had enough of thinking too much. My compulsion to make, provides a distraction from pressing environmental concerns.

Before, I used to make big, 6 to 8-foot sculptures, steel rods, forged, bent and welded assemblages - drawing in space - expansive gestures, reflecting my then world - dance, movement and music - dynamic energy.

Now, I am enjoying the easy yielding plasticity of clay - the availability of shape - black and white defines the shape. Nothing fancy - hand building a coarse clay - just slip, engobe and oxide. Texture and mark making - a more quiet and intimate exploration, reflected in contained spaces and contours - as I pinch, scrape, scratch and caress into being.

The finished objects are to touch, turn and delight in - whilst I steep and brew - what next?

Heather Stone, mixed media artist.

Gained BA Hons Fine Art, Plymouth University, Exeter campus, 1992; Specialised in sculpture, photography and performance.

Email : heatherstone3@live.com