Jo Saurin

“Movement in time, music and art are all part of my work, both as subject and process. Gestural marks, excited responses, colours jumping and reverberating, reflecting, re-echoed. Time passing quickly, moving through trees or mountains, urgent recording, remembering with layers moving in and out; breathing. Painting is a living thing.”

“I like arbitrary connections, linking, merging, transferring; transubstance suggested, working towards something new. Hoping to touch an emotional web - reaching out, beyond or through.”

“I use both oil and acrylic paint on canvas but many of my works are multi media, and I enjoy working on paper, particularly long scrolls of paper. I also paint directly onto olive branches.”

Jo Saurin graduated in 2012 with an MFA from Bath School of Art and Design. She had previously gained a BA in History of Art from Sydney University and an MA in the History of European Architecture from the Courtauld Institute, London. She has lived in Australia. Italy and the UK and currently lives and works in Somerset and Liguria, Italy. She has exhibited in London and SW England and her work is held in private collections in Australia, Italy, France, Spain and the UK.