June Ridgway

My work is the combination of experiences within the landscape. It integrates both first-hand involvement and memory bridging the present and the past: the work is a succession of moments from the past, that constantly inform the present. I rely on intuitive responses encompassing the real with the unreal. I am interested in acts of spontaneity accepting a gestural mark to be true influencing me in what is to be and what it could become. Work transcends both two and three dimensions, each discipline feeding the other. The structure of land and how it evolves, together with external elements, help to determine the images that I produce. From this point a journey is created.

I react to the environment around Melbury Abbas and Studland, describing the way in which natural elements and personal responses are intertwined and can work cohesively together. The structure of land and sea is my focus and I work to collage fragments together to imbue a sense of tranquil harmony and disharmony. Using the environment to provide the elements to construct fragile forms initially in two dimensions, I develop this research into three-dimensional statements.

I have recently been working from found collaged images which have a plant based structure, developing into sculptures using wire and plaster. The work relies on the organic building which underlies the collaged forms. I use the immediacy of plaster as a drawing medium to adorn the forms. I want to capture the fragility together with the robustness of these structures as they cope with natural elements.

Since giving up teaching in 2015, I have exhibited in various venues in Dorset and Wiltshire, and am now devoting a large proportion of my time to the development of my work.

Email: jridgway30@hotmail.com

Website: www.cargocollective.com/juneridgway