Rita Brown

‘You will find me on the edge. The meeting of land and sea is my playground of inspiration. Ever changing light cast on tactile rock that’s known earth’s movement and submitted to the weathering blast of wind and water. The continual processes of destruction and recreation drive me to express the layered, gritty archaeology of these ancient surfaces.‘

Rita Brown is an award winning artist who has pursued a long career in art: living, painting and teaching art in London, Hong Kong and Singapore. Although she was trained traditionally in fine art her work is a fusion of direct observation, emotional response and experimentation. Her passion for the landscape and the human form are re-occurring themes, from figurative to abstract.

Her recent paintings are firmly placed in the landscape.

Created from the memory and experience of walking the rural and coastal footpaths of Dorset observing and recording along the way. Rita’s paintings reflect her continued fascination with the ever changing light and impact of the weather on the landscape, sea and sky; the ancient eroded surfaces and evidence of what was once there. All these aspects feed into recreating the atmosphere of ‘being there’ through the medium of paint.

A ‘two way conversation’ happens between artist and work. Although there is often an illusion of coast and landscape scene there is a strong abstract element to her work: images may start as a depiction of a certain place but during the painting process they take on a life of their own.

Layering of paint, scraping and scratching as changes are made create an archaeology beneath the painted surfaces. A memory of place, a response to the medium, the feel of contour and walking experience, smell, touch and the physical sensation of being in the landscape come into the conversation. A fluidity of process with harmonious and linear considerations come in to play until the work feels authentic.

Website: http://www.ritabrown.co.uk/