Elaine Collett

The visual and emotional power of colour gives rise to joyful exuberance. This is at the core of what defines my painting whatever its impetus or genre.
a flower filled vase
a beaten track through grass - a weed against a wall
a blade pierces calm waters - a stillness at the edge
solar panels in a field - a concrete bridge
movement, rhythm, flow - energy, balance, contrast
calm reflection
Painted mark - defining arc - reflecting - revealing - distilling - colour drenched layers of
memory and experience - evoke resonance - recognition - contemplation.

Elaine Collett lives and works in North Dorset, she has exhibited widely over many
years; an experienced teacher, who delivers classes and workshops for adults.

BA Hons. Fine Art - University of Reading
MA Fine Art - Arts University Bournemouth

Website: http://www.dorsetshire.com/emc/

Email: emcollett@hotmail.com